Visualizing Sorting Algorithms

Created by Oliver Baldwin Edwards and written in C++ using Empirical's D3-wrapper

Sort me!



This is a web app written entirely in C++ to show off the new Empirical D3-wrapper that I worked on as a WAVES participant during the summer of 2020.
This project is meant to serve as a demo for how the new D3-wrapper can be used with Empirical to create powerful web apps.

Along with Elizabeth Carney, Alex Lalejini, and Emily Dolson I worked on creating a C++ wrapper for D3.js, a JavaScript library that allows for custom-made, interactive visualizations. We began the process of overhauling Empirical's web visualization support for use in the next version of Avida-ED.

For more information on what I did, see this blog post I wrote.

This web app contains:

  • A slider to iterate through individual steps of a sorting algorithm
  • A play button to speed through the remaining steps of a sorting algorithm
  • A shuffle button to randomize the data
  • A card containing live statistics pertaining to the number of swaps a sorting algorithm has taken